Dinos and Diners

Dino’s and Diners  (c) 2018 Extra Pulp Press  ISBN
by Shawn Reynolds | May 10, 2020 (estimated date)

Hardcover $29.50        Paperback $21       Kobo eBook $12.99

Whether you’ve got a young dino enthusiast in the family or are just young-at-heart, ‘Dino’s and Diners’ will guide you to the best road-side dinosaur sculpture in Canada and the US.  Of course no road-trip would be complete without experiencing classic diners along the way…

Join me on a trip across the continent as I track down, hunt, and shoot (with my camera!) the ferocious monsters that have menaced our highways and byways for decades.  Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, use this guide to plan your own expedition (Fedora not included!)