Stratford Merchandise

The small, picturesque city of Stratford, Ontario is located 150 km west of Toronto, and is one of the province’s top tourist destinations. With its origins as a railway juncture (where Thomas Edison once worked) it is perhaps best known now as Canada’s premier arts city for music, drama, literature, culinary and visual arts and artists.  From the internationally renowned ‘Stratford Festival’ – North America’s largest classical repertory theatre company, to 70’s icon Richard Manuel, to pop sensation Justin Bieber, Stratford has been home to many artists and welcomes over a half-million visitors every year.


Dishwasher safe ~ Made from Ceramic    10 oz-Std $17.95      12 oz-Tall $17.95
15 oz Stainless Steel Travel $30.25                                                                     BUY
(all styles available in all sizes)

To Tea, Or Not To Tea

ScreenHunter_14 Mar. 15 08.58ScreenHunter_15 Mar. 15 08.59

The Lady Doth Protest Too Much
ScreenHunter_17 Mar. 16 11.04ScreenHunter_18 Mar. 16 11.06

Orange Pekoe, Orange Pekoe! Wherefore Art Thou Orange Pekoe?
ScreenHunter_21 Mar. 15 23.08ScreenHunter_22 Mar. 15 23.24


Art Boards

  • Professionally printed on watercolour textured 4ply art boards
  • A great format for series/collection presentation
  • Individually wrapped in cellophane sleeves
  • Easily applied to walls with 3M velcro dots (4 supplied per board – please apply and remove with care)

    10 x 8  $ 19.95         12 x 10   $25.50            14 x 11   $33.50             BUY

ScreenHunter_27 Mar. 16 16.37
Entrance To T.J. Dolan Natural Area – Stratford, Ontario


ScreenHunter_19 Mar. 16 11.14
A Snowy Day Along The Riverside Path – Stratford, Ontario


ScreenHunter_20 Mar. 16 11.16
Architectural Highlights Of The Avon Theatre – Stratford, Ontario


ScreenHunter_35 Mar. 20 14.12
Swans In The Mist – Avon River, Stratford, Ontario


cygnet border
Cygnet – Stratford, Ontario


ScreenHunter_24 Mar. 16 15.38
T.J. Dolan Natural Area And Trail – Stratford, Ontario


ScreenHunter_36 Mar. 20 14.13
Shakespeare Bust – Stratford Shakespearean Gardens



ScreenHunter_34 Mar. 20 14.10
Poor Yorick



ScreenHunter_28 Mar. 16 16.51
Walter Seymour Allward’s Memorial Sculpture – Stratford, Ontairo



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